Jeneth Blackert – Master Your Dragon

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Deliver Digital Download link to your email after successful payment

Format: [ 5 MP3 11 PDF ]
File Size: 106.48 MB

Jeneth Blackert – Master Your Dragon course with special price just for you$197  $47

<p>The truth is… You Can LOVE & PLAY With Your Inner Dragons and Become an Unstoppable Force So You Can Create the Business of YOUR Dreams! And I have the BLUEPRINT that will show you the Way To Wealth.</p>
<p> You may already know of a dragon or a few dragons inside YOU are preventing your success. In fact, it’s likely that you have <strong>several Dragons</strong> that are fighting for control deep within you to become obstacles to your success.I have a proven method called the seven dragons blueprint system. It’s designed to identify those dragons, change them and allow you to live limitless in your business and life.</p>
<h2>“The <u>Ultimate</u> Step-By-Step Simple System That Clears<br /> YOUR Path To Wealth In Your Business”</h2>
<h2>“Are You Entrepreneur Struggling to Create YOUR Dream Business? Do You Wish You Had a Blueprint Designed For Your Personality To <br /> Clear YOUR Path To Wealth?”</h2>
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I know… it can seem difficult to create a successful business especially in TODAY’S ECONOMY! Maybe you’ve trying various strategies and heard many people promising you *the dream*…

BUT I would guess, … you are still looking. Still trying to find that magic bullet that catapults you onto the road of success.

The truth is that magic bullet is YOU – You are the only one that can make your business successful and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

I know this… because I experienced it.

You see… My inner dragons were holding me back. I was scared, lost, confused, frustrated, going in so many different directions that I didn’t know which steps I needed to take to create a successful business.

Then I asked myself a very powerful question: “Why? Why do I want a multi-six figure business?”

This question led me to dig deep inside to discover and reveal the INNER DRAGONS that were preventing my success. I’ve identified the Dragons that seemed to be controlling me and I learned how to master them and create the success I’d been dreaming of.

Jeneth Blackert
Leverage & Conversion Strategist

Join Me (Jeneth Blackert) For My 5-Part Course Called, Mastering Your Dragons
And Become Unstoppable Force With My Proven Seven Dragon Blueprint System that Reveals Your Inner Dragons, Teaches You How to Change Them and Create a Blueprint For Your Wealth!

Here’s What You Receive:

Class 1: Wood

Stepping Into YOU

* What you need to know to embrace YOU in all your greatness.

* What it really takes to Know Yourself

* How to Indulge Your Fantasy

* Understanding your Believability Factor

* What’s your use of T.I.M.E.

* Creating, Mold and Invite your Perfect Day

Class 2: Fire

Where You Are NOW

* Discovering your pure energy

* What emotional and physical toxins are being you down?

* What inspires you? What doesn’t?

* What the big I.D.D.A. in your life

* How to start with the first step of the I.D.D.A. – Right NOW

* Create your ZAP list

* Create your BRIDGE list

Class 3: Earth

Your Dragon Prescription

* Dissect your pattern

* Learn true acceptance of your dragons

* Make a commitment to your future path

* Know your buttons that cause you to retreat

* Learn the whying method

Class 4: Metal

Open To Possibilites

* This class offers embodiment practices, visualizations and NLP to reset your mindset

* The best steps for opening your mind

* Sensory, Auditory, Visual, Experiencial – How do you grow?

Class 5: Water

Be The Change

* Can you internally be changed so you attract the changes you want to see in your business?

* Learn to invoke your intuition.

* Let go of fear and step into faith.

* Learn a simple step process that makes you see obstacles differently

What You Receive:

<td width=Five 60-minute MP3 audion training classes
<td>15-Minute Laser Coaching Session with Jeneth</td>
<td><img decoding=Salepage:

Jeneth Blackert|Jeneth Blackert – Master Your Dragon|Master Your Dragon


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